Light Bars

New for 2016, Supernova LED Light Bars line of off-road LED Light bars are the perfect mix of intense light and affordable cost. The new projector-style optic lens over each German-Made OSRAM LED Chip creates a super long-distance beam pattern without sacrificing width. This unique combination of extremely powerful 5w LED chips and new state of the art optic lenses allows us to create an amazing and useable beam pattern.

Each LED light bar utilizes an array of individual 5 watt Osram LED chips behind pure optic projectors and a hardened polycarbonate lens for protection. Headlight Revolution LED light bars have an IP67 waterproof rating and boast a 50,000 expected life time and a 5 year warranty.

Each LED Light bar comes packaged with universal mounting hardware and a 2 foot long input power cord. These universal brackets are useful for mounting on flat surfaces like a bumper, but for roof-mount applications please contact us for the appropriate vehicle specific roof mount bracket kit.