Install instructions for the Supernova V2 and V3 LED Headlight Bulbs
Both types of ┬áSupernova LED headlight bulbs are very easy to install. They’re actually designed to fit in tight spaces, we achieved this breakthrough by doing away with any bulky fans and instituting a state of the art “copper core heat sink” that runs from the top of the bulb internally, to the bottom side. Then the copper core heat sink is pressed up against the 4 braided flexible heat sink straps. This allows for the heat to dissipate into the flexible mesh straps instead of using a fan or bulky heat sink.

flexible heat sink design 1

You can really position the flexible heat sink straps to any configuration you choose, like this:

flexible heat sink design 2

Connect the LED bulb to the driver, and replace the original halogen headlight bulb with the new Supernova LED Headlight Bulb. For most vehicles, this procedure is plug and play, but sometimes it may be necessary to also use a CANBUS Integration Module.

Supernova Install